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We are providing Holistic approach of Special Child Care by Expert including Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Special Education, Group Therapy, Music, Sports, Swing Therapy, Mud and Sand therapy, Gardening, Computer classes & Yoga Classes at BSTC, You’ll find the creative and comfortable learning atmosphere which you have been looking for located in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. Our care value is our passion to work with children with developmental disabilities. Here you will get to practice new methodologies, try out innovative techniques that can have a dramatic impact on the lives of yours special kid.

Child Vaccination

Prevention of infectious diseases that once killed or harmed many infants, children, and adults. Benefit community health as well as individual health

Pregnant Lady Care

Diet Alert like To ensure Maternal Nutrition and Healthy Mother & Healthy Child It Will decrease maternal Mortality Rate. Vaccination Reminder will Ensure Maternal Immunization. Doctor Visit Reminder will ensure Antenatal-checkup on time Which will promote Institutional Delivery

Emergency alert

Police and Relatives can Reach onsite without calling Fear in mind of Criminals of caught red handed. In Emergency you will get smsto five relatives with GPS location for quick help.

Medical Emergency alert

Medical Emergency- Message for help with GPS Location to 5 Family Members and Friends Which will result in Time saving in Emergency intimation GPS Location will help in Reaching onsite without calling to ensure Quick Help. Women Security- Immediate Intimation will ensure Timely help in emergency of Female.

Advantage of Parents

Integrated Maternal & Child Health Improvement

  • Child development delay will be detected early
  • Child will get balanced diet & mal nutrition will be prevented